Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Resume - If you know of anyone in the Jacksonville FL area who is hiring

I have deleted my phone numbers from this post, but have left my email address for contacts.

W. Allen Nelson
1884 Knottingham Trace Ln.,
Jacksonville, Florida 32246


To obtain a challenging position that will utilize my Quality Management, Customer Service, Supervisory/Management, Analytical and Interpersonal Skills.


2007 – 2009 Disclosure Specialist, Merrill Lynch Office of General Counsel
Managed the background check process for Regulatory and Criminal Matters on incoming Financial Advisors. Manage U4 & U5 Disclosures process (civil and criminal complaints, violations of SEC rules) reporting for incoming and exiting Financial Advisors as well as Regulatory reporting for settlements and terminations. Identified trends that revealed training deficiencies within the team and ensured that appropriate action is taken. Participated in team/functional process meetings to provide process updates and follow-up on necessary items. Team subject matter expert for disclosure filings. Met SEC and NYSE imposed deadlines for reporting disclosures and provided updates to the team status reports for new initiatives. Fostered and maintain strong working relationships with internal and external clients and state regulatory offices.

2006 – 2007 Assistant Supervisor, Merrill Lynch Registration and Licensing Services. Managed / Supervised 20 people. Provided operational guidance to branch offices in the following areas: registration, licensing, renewals, continuing education, examinations and appointments. Managed and resolved elevated service issues and performed research to resolve difficult matters. Actively participated in process improvement and Six Sigma projects. Acted as a liaison between the team and its internal/external contacts, non-proprietary insurance carriers and clients, while maintaining a strong working relationship with all. Provided immediate discretionary decision making to resolve elevated exception items. Acted in the Manager’s role during a two month transition period. Ensured that all departmental statistical reporting functions were maintained and that all day-to-day processing functions were completed within established department standards. Responsible for performing internal processing audits. Maintainence of team calendar, approval of all time off requests. Regular one-on-one personnel reviews with team. Writing of semi-annual and annual performance reviews and evaluations for team.

2002 - 2006 Analyst, Team Lead Merrill Lynch Cash Management Support Services - Deposit Research. Supervised 5 team members. Team Lead and subject matter expert for Cash Management Services (CMS) team. Created semi-annual assessment test for CMS team. Writing of semi-annual and annual performance reviews for the team. Managed and performed monthly call monitoring and individual feedback delivery for CMS Analysts insure accurate and consistent information is being provided. Provided Merrill Lynch Branch office personnel with information related to incoming and outgoing wire transfers and account deposits through lock boxes. Provided conversion rates for international currency fed wires. Provided point of call problem resolution of deposit and funds transfer issues. Represented CMS in monthly partnership meetings with CMS management partners in an effort to build relationships and share knowledge. Acted as mentor / trainer for new hire employees for systems usage and call management. Handled all elevated issue and irate customer calls for my team. Have served in leadership / mentor capacity with Client Services, Dealer Services, Cash Management Services and Assets Transition Services.

1998-2002 Sr. Associate, Merrill Lynch Financial Data Services – Client Services and Dealer Services. Provide Third party back offices with information and services pertinent to their mutual fund and money market accounts. Mentoring new associates in systems operations and client services and Dealer Services. Provide assistance with escalated issue and irate calls. I am the only associate on the Jacksonville campus to date to ever be singularly recognized by DALBAR, Inc. for Superior Customer Service Skills.


Life Claims Examiner, Prudential Insurance Group
Processed life claims, interfaced with insurance agents, funeral home Directors, beneficiaries and attorneys regarding payment of those claims. Provided escalated call handling for the call center.

Assistant Manager, Bellsouth Mobility
Proactive calling on existing accounts to offer renewals. Troubleshoot Cellular communication problems for clients by conferring with technicians. Processed renewal contracts for cellular services. Served on recognition committee.

Supervisor/Coach, Accustaff/AT&T American Transtech
Coached and developed 20 Customer Service Representatives. Monitored, assessed, documented and gave feedback on random inbound calls. Provided developmental coaching (monthly reviews, daily staffing standards, etc.) Identified and addressed individual training needs of associates. Administered recognition. Served as a communication link for the team. Insured that CSR’s were online during scheduled times. Resolved and/or referred problems within the team. Handled all escalated calls.

BMin Degree, Southern Baptist Center - Seminary
Customer Interaction Skills, Supervisor / Coach Training, AT&T/American Transtech
Kaset Customer Service Training, Negotiation Skills Training, Bellsouth Mobility
Planning and Professional Development, Philip Crosby Associates Quality College, Philip Crosby Associates (Graduate of: Executive College; Management College; Quality Education System; Quality Education Systems Instructor Training)

A customer service professional with 20 plus years in direct client contact and service team management. Areas of expertise include strong written and oral communication skills, specialized business presentations, team leadership, and point of contact analysis / resolution of elevated issues. Ability to maintain professional composure in high stress situations.
Singularly recognized by DALBAR, Inc. and Merrill Lynch for Excellent Customer Service Skills.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


We will not forget.

September 11, 2001 08:45

Thank you to our Law enforcement officers, our Firefighters, Heroic Citizens, Volunteers and our Armed Service Members.

God Bless America.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Beautiful Bride

It seems like only yesterday I saw her from across the room. I wondered if a guy like me would even have a chance to date her. A very pretty girl, dark brown hair with blonde highlights. Funny and very talented.
I played guitar and banjo for youth meetings and events. She played piano for her parents gospel group. As the fourth in the birth order, I could talk my way out of almost any situation, but when it came to the thought of even attempting a conversation with her, my tongue turned into silly putty.

Well, through a series of most blessed events, I happened to be close enough for her to grab my arm one night, in jest, when people were getting rides after church to the pizza place. Someone asked, “Are you two together?” She laughed and said, “Yes, we’ve been trying to figure out the best way to tell everybody.” Holy Macaroni! Did she just say that? Yup, she did. Well, long story short, a few weeks later on July 11, 1975 at the local Dairy Queen, I asked her to go steady with me. She accepted my class ring and immediately left for vacation in Tennessee the next day. I didn’t eat for a week.  I just counted the days until she returned. Sadly, internet was one of those Star Trek dreams of the future back then. We did write each other. I nearly wore the words off of the paper for that week reading and re-reading that letter.

Three years and several hundred poems and letters later, I asked her Dad for her hand in marriage. A year later she became my Bride. 29 years ago, God granted my most precious request with the exception of my Salvation.

More beautiful than the day I was smitten with a glance from her across the room. Always a Lady, first class. I still get that funny feeling when she walks into a room. I still sit in awe when she plays piano. I’m still fully aware of how Blessed I am to share my life with the only girl I have ever loved.

I’m still crazy about you. W.A.M.E.L. (With All My Earthly Love)


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Something to Think About

This comes from the pen of that prolific writer, Anonymous:

Buttprints in the Sand

One night, I had a wondrous dream;
One set of footprints there was seen.
The footprints of my precious Lord,
But mine were not along the shore.

But then some stranger prints appeared,
And I asked the Lord, "What have we here?"
"Those prints are large and round and neat,
But, Lord, they are too big for feet."

"My child," He said in somber tones.
"For miles I carried you alone.
I challenged you to walk in faith,
But you refused and made me wait.

You disobeyed, you would not grow,
The walk of-faith you would not know.
So I got tired and got fed up,
And there I dropped you on your butt,

Because in life, there comes a time,
When one must fight, and one must climb,
When one must rise and take a stand,
Or leave their buttprints in the sand."

Saturday, March 1, 2008

One Thursday Morning

Chapter 1

Ed and Jenny woke to the sound of orchestra music. They learned a long time ago the squawking of an alarm clock did not make for a pleasant good morning for them.
Ed rolled over and pushed the sleep timer. Jenny usually got up first, but today it looked like she was catching a few more minutes before committing to the day.

“Sleeping in today?” Ed asked as he playfully bounced the bed.

“Hey…” She said, “I don’t have to get up for 23 more minutes.”

“You’re going to be late getting Bobby to the day care if you don’t rise and shine soon, Sunshine.” Ed responded.

“Daycare will be meeting Bobby’s Daddy at the door today. I’ve got an offsite meeting today at the beach, remember?” She said, now sitting up

“Not today, that’s next Thursday. No, no, not today.” Ed replied.

“No, Thursday as in today.” She said

“Oh that’s just great, I’m supposed to pick up the donuts for the meeting this morning. I forgot them the last time and I took razzing for a week over it. I’ll barely have enough time to go to the donut shop and make it to the meeting, much less a side trip to the day care. What a wonderful start to my day!” he exclaimed.

“I’m sorry hon, I thought we were clear on all of this. I’ll have Bobby ready to go
so you can get right out.” She said in an apologetic tone.

Ed got ready, though everything he touched felt the result of his aggravation.
He feigned a smile and brushed past Jenny bending over to pick up Bobby.

“See you tonight, enjoy your day at the beach.” Ed snipped as he left.

Ed took Bobby to the back seat and started to buckle him in the car seat.

“Daddy, when we get there?” Bobby asked with a giggle.

“We’ll get there when we get there!” snapped Ed.

As he backed out of the driveway he almost clipped the mailbox. He sped through the neighborhood concentrating on how he would do everything he needed to do in the time he had to do it. Since the donuts are the responsibility I agreed to, that’s where we’re going first. He thought.

He turned into the donut shop parking lot so sharply that it scared Bobby, who began to cry.

“Daddy, when we get there?” Bobby asked through the tears.

Ed just ignored his son. He pulled up to the drive through order window.

“Welcome to Donut World, may I take your order please?” Came the voice from the sign.

“Yeah, two dozen donuts.” Ed barked.

“Two dozen, yes sir, what kind please?” asked the voice.

“Donuts, Donuts just pick two dozen of something and put it in the box!” Ed demanded.

Ed drove around and paid for the donuts. He drove off quickly barely missing a car turning into the parking lot. Why do they give idiots’ driver’s licenses? What kind of clowns run that DMV?

Speeding down the road to the daycare it seemed he was stopped by every traffic light. Finally he made it to the last light. As they sat in the turn lane, Bobby through his tears asked again,

“Daddy, when we get there?”

“I told you we would be there when we get there!” he shouted “Now knock it off and stop that crying! What’s the matter with you? You’re acting like I’m some kind of monster or something!”

Just then, Ed noticed the delivery truck at the traffic light beside him. A large mirror reflected an angry man with an uncontrolled temper and a child who had no defense against it. He was frightened and embarrassed by what he saw. His lip began to tremble, what am I doing? What have I done? Tears began to roll down his face.

Ed turned the corner slowly as the delivery truck rolled away. He pulled into the parking lot of the daycare and took Bobby from the back seat. Bobby squirmed to get away as Ed began to apologize for being so grumpy. Bobby finally settled down and hugged Ed back.

“Let’s go to school buddy” Ed said in a more quiet voice.

Ed called Jenny and apologized for his attitude and for being hurtful with his words. Jenny forgave him and after the meeting she returned to her office to find a dozen roses. Ed went in to find that the meeting was postponed until Friday due to the illness of his supervisor.

Chapter 2

Ester was a widow who lived with her daughter in the new Marlin Point subdivision. After her husband died she tried to maintain their home, but things eventually got to be more than she could handle. Her daughter, Erica, asked if she would consider moving in with her family and selling the old home place. They would invest the money from the sale of her home and she could come and relax for a change. Ester cautiously agreed and within a month her house was sold.

The mixed emotions of leaving were overshadowed with excitement when she moved into a room prepared for her by her son in law. She had her own bedroom, bathroom and a small kitchenette. They provided her all the privacy she could desire.

The ladies group of Erica’s church made weekly visits to the senior adult ladies. They provided an opportunity for shopping, Doctors appointments or just a nice visit.
Roberta was a kind sort. She always had an uplifting word for everyone she met. One of the joys of her life was to visit her elderly friends of Thursdays. This week she had an appointment to take Ester for a manicure and lunch.

As she drove through the new neighborhood, she was impressed with how quickly it was being built. So many families already moved in. She passed a home with small children playing in the front yard. A few more houses and she saw Ester, rocking on the front porch with what Roberta had called the most beautiful smile in the world.

They greeted and were on their way. Driving back to the main road they approached the house with the children playing.

“Look Dear at that home, who could clean those tall windows?” Ester said half seriously.

As Roberta glanced to see the house, a blue ball rolled out into the street with a small child running after it. An approaching delivery truck passed going the opposite direction. As it passed, the sun reflected off of the mirror on the side of the truck temporarily blinding Roberta.

“Oh my goodness!” cried Roberta as she quickly punched the break peddle causing the tires to squeal.

“Roberta!” said Ester, “That child!”

“Oh my, if it weren’t for that truck, I, I…” Roberta said

“Now, now dear. No harm done. God places His angels around the little ones.” consoled Ester

“I’m so sorry”, came a voice from the truck as it passed.

Chapter 3

Jim Peterson’s cell phone rang. Not unusual for a building company’s field manager to get calls all through the day. He truly hoped it was not bad news on his inspection today. The final was in 3 hours and he had one remaining item to resolve. The mirror that his crew installed in the master bathroom of unit 317 didn’t match the description on the blueprints.

The call was from O’Neal’s Glass and Enclosures.

“Alright. Fine! You people are giving me an ulcer the size of Texas! Just do what you can.” Jim snapped.

“Don’t tell me. The mirror got broken in transit?” asked Ted the site foreman.

“Oh yeah. It’s that dumb mirror. I tell you, you’d think I broke it with all the bad luck I’m getting off of it. The delivery will be delayed for about an hour.” Said Jim

Just then Jim noticed Robert Atwood waking towards him. Robert had been a dependable finish carpenter with the company for nearly ten years.

“Here comes Atwood looking for a raise or any overtime I can give him. Heh, let’s have some fun for a change with this mirror.” Jim chuckled.

“Morning Jim!” said Robert

“Morning Atwood.” Jim replied “Say Robert, you’re always looking for some side jobs for extra cash, right?”

“Well, yes Sir. But I don’t want to be an annoyance.” Said Robert

“Oh no, not at all. In fact, I’m about to offer you an opportunity to make more money on a regular basis.” Said Jim with a wink to Ted. “You know we have this inspection coming up in a couple of hours. Here’s my proposition. If you and your crew get that mirror installed within the next hour, I’ll promote you to site foreman over in the Westfield project.” Said Jim

“Yes, Sir!” said Robert “I’ve been praying about this, and I couldn’t have asked for a better answer.”

The two men shook hands.

Just then, the truck from O’Neal’s Glass and Enclosures honked its horn. Jim ran over to meet the driver.

“Got your mirror Mr. Peterson, and five minutes early!” the driver said excitedly.
“Yeah, yeah. Thanks loads, yippee! Of all days to be early!” grumbled Mr. Peterson

“Yeah, ok, well just sign here, Sir.” The driver responded, slightly confused by the reaction.

Chapter 4

Tom left the midweek prayer meeting wondering. He had heard at least ten people share stories of how God had allowed them to be a positive influence in the lives of friends and strangers alike. Tom couldn’t help believing that his life was too boring to have an impact on anyone. Nevertheless he made the decision to begin praying before he went to sleep that God would use him in a positive way in someone’s life.

It seemed he had laid there for only a few seconds before the alarm clock was announcing a new day. The first thing on Tom’s mind was the last thought he had before going to sleep, God, please show me how to help someone today.

His morning routine seemed to breeze by. Coffee made, breakfast downed, teeth brushed, he headed out the door to O’Neal’s Glass and Enclosures. Tom was the delivery driver for the contractor accounts. As he arrived at work, he saw a 4 x 6 mirror had been loaded on the side of his truck.

“Got an emergency delivery for you this morning Tom.” Jimmy called across the lot.

“Somebody needs to comb their hair at the site?” Tom replied with a laugh.

“Something like that, this house is due for final inspection this afternoon. The buyer noticed that the first mirror didn’t match the blue prints so it needs to be pulled down and replaced before the inspection.” Jimmy said, as he reviewed the work order.

“Well then,” Tom chuckled, “Let’s not keep the inspector waiting. Let me clock in and I’ll get on the road.”

Tom punched the time clock, grabbed his water bottle and headed for the truck.
Turning onto the street from the parking lot he saw the sign, “BEYOND THIS GATE YOU ARE O’NEAL’S GLASS ENCLOSURES” not to mention a guy who is about to be used by God to help somebody, Tom thought.

Tom checked the delivery order, Marlin Point, there’s some money in that place, he thought as he drove along. OK God, where are they? He said in a half whispered prayer. Pulling to a stop at the traffic signal he heard someone shouting. He looked to his left and saw a man screaming at a small child in the back seat.

“I told you we would be there when we get there!” he shouted “Now knock it off and stop that crying! What’s the matter with you? You’re acting like I’m some kind of monster or something!”

Just then, the man looked over at Tom. Tom looked away, pretending not to have seen what had just happened. He glanced back as the light changed. He was taken aback
to see the man staring at the side of his truck with a look of disbelief and a tear streaming down his face. Whatever, thought Tom, Boy, if that guy could see himself like the kid sees him. He really is a monster.

After about a half hour on the road Tom started looking for the large sign for Marlin Point. Should be within the next three miles, He thought. The subdivision was just past the wooded area north of town. Out of the corner of his eye, Tom saw something that he had not noticed before. The reflection of the sun was following him along the roadside. Oh man, I didn’t even check that. The guys were in such a hurry to cut this mirror that they forgot to put the protective plastic over it.

Seeing the entrance he turned into Marlin Point, I hope I didn’t blind anybody on the way. The thought had barely crossed his mind when he heard the screech of tires from a passing car. Immediately he knew what had happened. The mirror had reflected the bright sunlight into the passing driver’s eyes. The driver was blinded for a moment and slammed on the breaks.

“I’m so sorry.” He shouted to the other driver. Oh yeah, he scolded himself, Tom’s gonna really help somebody today, I’ll help them get to Heaven. Man, I can’t believe that.

A few streets down he saw Sailfish Lane. Two more turns and I’m there. Oh Great! Nails were spread across the road. Apparently someone had left a box full on the back of their truck and they had fallen into the street. Tom knew that he had a 10:00 deadline to deliver the mirror, but he was going to have to clear the road to get through. He grabbed the radio being careful of the well worn microphone cord and called the warehouse.

“Jimmy, this is Tom.” He said.

“You’re kind of crackly there but go ahead Tom.” Came the reply

“Hey, I’ve got a bunch of nails in the road here and I’m afraid I’m gonna get a flat tire if I try to drive through them. Can you call ahead to the site and let them know I’m gonna be delayed a bit?” he asked

“Sure, sure, we can do that, just get there as fast as you can, they’ve got an inspection guy coming.” Jimmy replied.

Turning to the office pass through window Jimmy yelled,

“Hey Janet, would you mind calling Mr. Peterson at Marlin Point? Let him know that Tom is on his way but he got a flat tire or something. Tell him Tom will be about 45 minutes late.”

Tom took the shovel off the back of his truck and scraped up the nails as best he could. That went quicker than I figured it would, still I’m glad they called ahead for me.
With the road cleared Tom checked his watch, Not only will I not be late, looks like I’m gonna be early. Now there’s a blessing!

As he arrived at the job site he met Mr. Peterson, the construction foreman.

“Got your mirror Mr. Peterson, and five minutes early!” Tom said excitedly
“Yeah, yeah. Thanks loads, yippee! Of all days to be early!” grumbled Mr. Peterson

“Yeah, ok, well just sign here, Sir.” Tom said, slightly confused by the reaction.

On his way back to the warehouse Tom began a conversational prayer as if God were in the passenger side.

“Well ok God, so we aren’t going to be a blessing today. Huh, the one chance I had the guy didn’t even appreciate it. I don’t know, God, maybe my job isn’t one of those that you can bless people with. I wear a uniform, drive a delivery truck and see construction crews all day. Well, anyway, there’s always tonight after work at the Rescue Mission I guess.” Tom sighed.

The End

Friday, February 29, 2008


I have about 15 - 20 minutes in my car on the way to work each day. At that time of the morning, the sun is just making an appearance just over the horizon. God blesses me with the most wonderful scenes. During this time, I turn off the radio and just talk with Him. Why, because I'm Holy? No, just the oppisite, if I don't draw near to Him daily, I'm stuck with my own solutions and ideas.

A few months ago I was praying and told God, "Father, You are stronger, wiser, mightier, bigger...Father, You just ARE! I couldn't find anything else to say about Himself. This led to the following poem:

You Are I AM, but I am just me.
Yet You came, and You gave Your Life for me.
And Your Spirit came to comfort me;
You ARE I AM, You ARE.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Keeping The Christ In Christian

So our battle to keep Christ in Christmas apparently went well this year.
It occurred to me though, am I just as adamant about keeping the Christ in my Christian walk?

Someone said that we here in America have a completely different understanding of what persecution is, (at least for now). At what seems like the drop of a hat, we go from happy go lucky, “Bless Jesus” to “Well my day stinks now.”

Our brothers and sisters around the world are dieing for their faith. While we just know in our heart of hearts that someone looked at us with distain because we were wearing a WWJD bracelet.

I confess to you and Our Father God that I have been guilty of complaining about our brand of persecution and that I desire to stop this type of foolishness. In its place it is my desire to serve the Lord. To expend all that energy in a way that Glorifies Him and Him alone. I covet your prayers in this.

As I write this, the church pianist has just finished practicing, “People Need The Lord” and has gone into, “Each One Reach One.” My friend Henry, who has sold all his worldly possessions and moved to Rowatan in Honduras to serve God will be speaking shortly.

At times like this I must wonder how and why God puts up with me. Then I remember that it is only by the Blood of The Lamb, the Perfect Sacrifice, My Lord Jesus Christ that God can even look on me. He has called me to a greater purpose than I have been willing to Trust Him with. Don’t know what it is yet, but I’ll let you know when He shows me.
I only ask selfishly that you pray for me in this.

I am thoroughly amazed that through this system, Christians around the world are connected in real time. “Jerusalem, Judea and the ends of the earth.” Oh yes, He knew.